Wedding Videography New Jersey-How To Choose The Best Wedding Videographer

In the past weddings were recorded by photographers.  This often posed problems as photographs are still pictures of the event.  Nowadays, it is possible to hire the services of wedding videography New Jersey experts like to record your special day.  It will create a memoir of your wedding day, including all the sounds and sights of that special day.

Video Styles

There are two distinct styles that are used – journalistic or documentary.  The journalistic videographer will stage the poses of the couple.  It is similar to when a director arranges a scene for a movie.  Professionals who use this method are perfect for couples who are interested in a flow of events from the time they first met, but are not too worried about their special day being interrupted to pose for shots.

The documentary type of videographer will record events as they occur.  Both these professional will edit the footage after the event to produce an event with more flow to it.

Short or Long

You have the option to choose an epic wedding video or a shorter form.  The videos that are recorded throughout the day will remain the same, but the shorter form of the final result will be edited by the videographer.  It will also place more emphasis on the couple, rather than every event that is occurring.

What to ask the Videographer

There are a few questions you need to confirm before you appoint a videographer.

  • Will he or she attend the wedding rehearsal?  This will give the videographer the opportunity to get an idea of the exact process of the wedding.
  • What type of sound equipment will be used?  Many videographers make use of wireless microphones on the couple, but some may use stand-alone recorders that can be placed in strategic positions.
  • You need to know how many cameras will be used during the ceremony and if any of these will be remote controlled.
  • The lighting will be important for capturing certain moments.  Confirm where the lighting will be placed and how much additional lighting will be required.
  • You need to know how long after the event your video will be ready for collection.


Aside from the normal video coverage of the event, you have the option to include other features.  This could include a range of still photos from your courtship days or from your honeymoon.  You may want to include events such as the wedding rehearsal and the couple preparing for the event.


The costs for the services of a New Jersey wedding videographer will vary, depending on a range of factors.  The coverage length, the extent of editing, the wedding location and the videographer’s reputation will have to be considered during a cost calculation.

You should consider your budget carefully as this will determine the type of videography services you can afford.

You should request the names and contact details of referees for the videographer.  Do not simply view sample videos of his or her services.  This type of video is designed to show the best aspects of the service and may not be a true reflection of what you will receive.  Above all, communicate with your videographer and provide him or her with full details of the event.